Monday, January 7, 2008

Comic Books & Rubber Bands

Comic Books and Rubber Bands...

Driving down the road in my car is more often than not the only “free” time that I get on a regular basis these days. That being true, I have majorly come to appreciate the long drives down winding country roads that are necessary for me to get from here to there, even for the simplest of things like grocery items. My vehicle has evolved into my own private sanctuary, the inner sanctum wherein I am granted the opportunity to meditate upon and ponder many-a-thing about life’s issues that the busy-ness and day-to-day activities of being a working mom don’t routinely allow. It’s my quiet time. It’s my private place. It’s true that recently I have had many serious issues to consider while in the stillness of my own space; everything ranging from finances to education to marital issues. But today…today, that was not the case at all.

Today my heart was light and my mood was jovial. I actually was able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the autumn scenery before my eyes that the countryside has to offer adorned in its reds, golds, and oranges of the season. This is, after all, one of the reasons why I continue to choose to live in the “sticks”, as my family members prefer to refer to it; this “God-forsaken place” where no pavement or streetlights exist, according to them. To me though, it’s become home in every sense of the word, and the beauty of my surroundings far outweighs any inconveniences in geographic distance from man’s modern life. 13 years in the country… time sure flies by. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for a thing.

As I was saying, my private time today was actually quite relaxing and pleasant. I found my thoughts drifting off to another time though, another place than what the world of today has become. I wound up in an era- a realm, if you will, that was much simpler than that which we presently live in; a figurative “realm”, of course. It was a time from my youth. I imagine that every adult treasures their youthful thoughts and memories, and I am no different in that capacity. As I rolled along in my vehicle enveloped in the mist, drizzle, and grey skies, a song came wafting up from days gone by, thrusting words and melody alike into the forefront of my mind. I can’t remember when the last time I had heard this song was…possibly when I was nine or 10 years old, perhaps? Who would’ve guessed that the little jingle had been so effectually ingrained within the memory compartments of my brain that it would one day resurface to bring me a little smile and much joy at the mature age of 41? Not me, I say.

So what is the song, you ask? Well, it’s probably not one that the average person would likely know, let alone remember from their childhood. However, anybody who knows me would definitely confirm that I am far from average when it comes to certain things- musical aptitude being one of them. I’m afraid I’m a bit eccentric with my taste in lyrics and rhythms. This song evokes more than just the musical memory within my being though. The music, along with the inner visualization of the TV commercial scenario that accompanied it back in the day, actually imparts peacefulness and joy from the inside-out.

Picture this: There was this big old boat; I believe it was a white paddle-wheel style boat with a red wheel, cruising down a wide, peaceful river. The scene shows a large group of people- vacationers perhaps, hovering about on the large, open-aired space of the deck facing the wheel. In the midst of the smiling people proudly stands the “captain” of the boat, adorned in typical skipper garb. He reminds me of Captain Kangaroo, but has hair that is more salt and pepper in color than the Captain’s pale white. His smile is just as friendly though. He is socializing, laughing, and chatting in a care-free, friendly manner with the passengers of the boat. The sky is blue, the weather is warm, and life is good for this group of folks who range in age from toddler through their golden years. Suddenly, you hear the gentle, flowing sound of music begin in the background and the captain begins to sing…

Comic books and rubber bands Climbing to the tree tops. Falling down and holding hands Bicycles and red pop. Remember when you were a kid? Well part of you still is… And that’s why we make FAYGO!

Yep, you guessed it! It was the Faygo pop commercial. I have the strangest of memories sometimes, I amaze even myself! Needless to say though, it was a wonderful diversion from the typical adult thoughts that I am forced with juggling routinely. Thanks for the memories, Faygo!

Afterthought: Faygo pop is STILL widely available in the region in which I live. I wonder whatever happened to Towne Club pop? Does anybody remember that one?

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I loved that song!