Wednesday, January 23, 2008



This morning as I awoke, I was considering “kindness”; what it consists of, ways to express it, etc. During my pondering, I came to the realization that although I am not any kind of super human being or Wonder Woman that can alter the state of the universe, I do possess within my being the potential for ‘greatness’ by exhibiting basic human kindness to those that I come into contact with on a daily basis. I mean, I realize that a feeble ‘me’ can’t singlehandedly wipe out hunger in the world, put an end to sickness and disease, nor rid the world of all its perils and evils; but there are some simple things that I CAN do that just might make a change in the lives of the limited people whose paths cross my own.

As I considered this concept, I realized that generally what EVERY person in the world today needs is: love, attention, acceptance, and kindness- no matter what their station in life may be. Although we all vary from person-to-person as far as appearances and personalities are concerned, deep down on the inside (where it really counts) we all still harbor those very basic “needs” to one extent or another, as mentioned. So I thought…what could “I” do during the course of my day (on a regular basis, of course) that actually might influence those around me in a positive manner?

The answer, I feel, is really quite simple…

It doesn’t take a grand plan to make a difference in the world today. It doesn’t take a lot of money, or even a lot of time. It just takes the internal desire to WANT to make a difference in the world. Am I prepared to try to do that? Yes, I think I am.

It’s the simplest, littlest things we can do, like making brief eye contact and smiling toward the pharmacist who fills your prescription, despite the fact that she is tired and feels ill herself while on the job. It’s exercising an attitude of gratefulness by saying “thank you” to the bus driver who transports your kids to and from school safely regularly. It may be complimenting a co-worker on what an excellent job they’ve done on a project they’ve completed recently, or even complimenting them on their physical appearance- “I think that outfit you’re wearing today is sharp!” It could be lending a helping hand to the little old lady who’s attempting to push her grocery cart to her car through the slushy parking lot. Maybe all the kindness that’s needed is holding a door open for a woman and her four kids as they pass through out of the cold; or wishing “Good Morning” or "Have a nice day" to a neighbor you rarely speak with during the busy-ness of life.

What I realized was that it doesn’t take much to be kind, to be caring, to be sincere. In the cold, hard world of today, I believe that people respond positively to the simplest generosity when somebody just takes the time to reach out to them, even if only in some small way. It really doesn’t take much to brighten a person’s day and make them feel better about themselves and this world in which we all live together.

So… send that smile! Lend a helping hand! Give that kind word or gesture! It only takes a moment to do so, don’t you think? Perhaps if we all begin to take spontaneous moments throughout the day in our own lives, it could start to bring about change in the world…one person at a time…one day at a time… who knows?! It’s a start, at least.

Kindness is Contagious- Pass it on!


Robin Lee Sardini said...

Very well~said, Kimba and so true! It can be what we'd think of as the smallest gesture that can mean the most to someone who really needs it at just that moment. You just never know how BIG a difference a smile or a kind word can make. In someone's life, it could be life~saving. Thank you, Kimba for a very thoughtful and thought-provoking post!

Shinade said...

Oh Kimba, I am so very,very pleased that you sought me out.

because I have found yet another wonderful source to turn to for inspiration.

This is simply a marvelous post.
God Bless,

billyjacksblog said...

Hey Kimba!

Consider it passed on to you. This is a wonderful post. The world would be a better place if everytone would practice a little kindness. Thanks!

Ashley Nay said...

wow ... so true.

pencilwizard said...

Super post and oh so true....something everyone can do.

KAK said...

Still trying to figure it all out and you are doing fine!