Monday, May 19, 2008

And so it begins...

Warm sunshine streaming down
Azure skies with occasional puffy, white clouds
Children’s laughter
Bonfires by night
Insect repellant
The scent of fresh cut grass lingering in the breeze
Weeding the garden
Fresh grown sweet corn, beans, and tomatoes
Juicy, sweet watermelon
Volleyball on the beach
The penny candy store
Fetch with the dogs
Flashlight tag
Swinging at the park
Green growth, life, and flowers galore
A game of baseball
Barbecue chicken, ribs, steak. . . everything!
Hot rods, cruises, car shows
Sandy beaches and gentle waves
Animals at the zoo
Lots of laughter
Family, friends, and good times
Swimming, floating, sun bathing
Rest and relaxation
Music under the stars
A good book
Going up north to the cabin
My birthday!

And so it begins... summer, that is. This is Memorial Day weekend coming up - the official start to the summer season. Being the summer baby that I was born to be, it's no surprise that I live for summer weather. That said, this will be my farewell blog for the season. I realize my presence has become more and more scarce online over the past couple months as the spring arrived, but now it's time for a break altogether. I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading, for commenting, for being there. I appreciate you all very much and hope to see you again when the autumn descends upon my great state and I return indoors once again for a long, cold winter. Your friendship and your readership is greatly valued!

Yes, I'll still pop in every now and then to say "hello", but won't be doing much blogging, myself. So, enjoy yourselves this summer! Spend some time with your loved ones and friends! Best wishes for much happiness, peace, and all the GOOD things in life!



Anonymous said...

Yes Kimba, I'm in the same boat, work demands are intensifying and I will be scarce. It's been lovely chatting with you, shared a few lazy winter work days tossing the bull back and fourth, it was fun but next winter. Stay safe, enjoy the kids and make sure you treat that man of yours like he's King!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello kimba =)

Happy Birthday!! its sad that I won't see you around that often. I will surely miss you. But its okay, I know pretty soon I won't have time to blog anymore we all go through that.

BTW, just wanted to let you know that I am already 5 weeks pregnant!! butch and I are sooo excited. Thanks for the prayer and may the Lord always bless your family and the work of your hands =)

Skye B said...

Hi Kim,
Well, I will certainly miss you. Gee, I was just getting to know you a bit better, and your going for the summer. However, I can't say that I blame you one bit.

The beginning of your post was quite good, and made me feel that pull for summer to come, and all those wonderful things we do enjoy during the summertime. Even though I live in one of the hottest places in the US, I still love the summertime. We are already getting into the triple digits around here. :) The whole post is great! I just liked the bit of poetry in the beginning.

You take care of yourself, and enjoy your summer, and your family during this summer. Oh, have a very Happy Birthday also!

Anonymous said...

Jees Kimba, how'd I miss your birthday? If I lived closer I'd take you for a magic carpet ride! Happy Birthday girl!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

KAK - (Kevin): Thanks so much for the well wishes! I wish you the very best for the summer months, too! And would you wear a damn helmet already?! Sheesh! LOL. (BTW, you didn't "miss" my birthday. It's in July. Send my presents to my business address! LOL!) Enjoy the summer, dude.


Skye - to one of my newest online friends whose name in itself managed to drop right out of one of my dreams and into my lap - here... it's been a pleasure thus far! We shall not say "goodbye" - not at all. I'll be around occasionally and will pop in on you. I hope you feel well and enjoy your summer, albeit hot, hot, hot over there!

Wendy, words cannot express the joy I feel for you and Butch! I am so happy for you both. And yes, shortly your blogging days will be shortened by the sounds of coos and cries. But believe me, it is well worth it! Keep in touch, and keep well!

Footsteps said...

You will be missed! -But I very much understand and appreciate your clear sense of priorities...

Summer is the best! I hope yours is wonderful and that your birthday is a joy.

I'll still check for you. Please send a message when you're ready to start posting again!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Heather, you're so sweet. But I won't be "gone" forever. Just taking a little break. Still have every intention to pop in and visit you all from time-to-time! Enjoy your summer, as well!

Rouvanne said...

Hey Kimba - hope you have an awesome summer! Don't forget to think of us Southern Hemisphere winter lovers keeping warm and dry!

Look forward to hearing from you again


Kimba The White Lioness said...

Rouvanne, I'd never forget you Southern Hemisphere winter lovers -that's a promise! Keep warm. Keep dry. Stay well.

Jollyjo said...

And what a way to celebrate, to get away from it recharge the batteries...

Come back soon and captivate us as you usually do...have a great bday, a great time and stay safe!!!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Adrian - thank you so much. I'll be enjoying visiting when I pop in to see you all / read your blogs. (Loved the one I read of yours today, BTW!) Strange, since I've decided not to blog for a bit, I've suddenly been flooded with mental blogs that are flying from my brain to my fingers to my personal journal...LOL! It's okay - they'll keep ther euntil autumn arrives. Happy summer to you and yours!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Happy Birthday, and a Very Happy Summer!

Motherwise said...

I will look forward to your return, Kimba. I have to say that I think your list could have been written by me - flashlight tag is our family's favorite outdoor games. Enjoy the summer!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Roufa and Mimi - thank you! I wish you the greatest, happiest summer, as well!

Motherwise (Mary) - wishing you and your wonderful family a fun-filled, joyful summer season!

purplefrogcat said...

want to see a purple cat?head over to blue ribbon bloggers to see the pictures thanks to my son christopher

Caoimhin said...

Kimba where are you??
Have you been attacked by mosquitoes??
Have a great summer and birthday and come back soon! :)

Havenlei said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kimba!I love your posts. I'm sorry if I haven't visited your blog lately.

Detective Lotuzz said...

How imaginative! You express well your joy!I admire you..

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for dropping by! I'm still alive, yes! LOL! I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to peek in on my thoughts here in blogger-world. My break has been needed though. Our summer seasons aren't nearly long enough, and I need to grab hold of every moment of fresh air and sunshine that I can to help me last through the long, cold, winter that will surely follow! Wish you all a joyous summer season! (Or winter, if you're on the other side of the world like Rouv!) =)

swordie said...

Hey Kimba... its better late then never right :D Happy Birthday... I guess we are all will go through that 'blogging hybernation'... I hope you enjoy your rest... holiday :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jes Kimba I'm worried. Wink that eye or something. I hope you're not dead, I hope you're not fertilizer for the sweet corn, the beans and tomatoes. Sweet sweet Kimba, you never got your magic carpet ride! Oh where oh where..........

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Jeez Kevin, fertilizer for the sweet corn?? LOL. I'm sorry I haven't been online. There's simply been no time. You could've emailed me, you know. I was hoping to get back to blogging a couple months ago but it just never manifested. I finally ended up deleting my MyBlogLog account and my Blog Catalog account because I'm never here. I don't want people to worry about me. I'm sorry. :(