Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feeling Thankful

We have our annual fund raiser coming up at the dojo this Saturday. Every year we have a kick-a-thon in which all the students (approximately 300) training at the dojo donate their time for two hours, throwing as many kicks as possible into the bags. Of the funds we receive from those who sponsor us, 100% is donated back to a local organization called “The Rainbow Connection”. It’s very similar to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in that their primary focus is to fulfill dreams for Michigan children with life threatening or terminal illnesses. Depending on the amount of money collected, sometimes we’re able to grant the wishes of more than one local child; which is a blessing.

Though it’s always wonderful to receive a gift from someone, for those who haven’t yet discovered – there is nothing more fulfilling in life than giving a gift to another, especially if it involves giving from the heart for the benefit of an innocent child who is seriously ill. Being a parent, myself, I cannot fathom how difficult it must be for those parents to endure the agony of watching their own child suffering long term; not to mention the hardships that the children themselves must bear. It’s a good feeling to know that the small token of our time that we volunteer is poured back into the lives of others who are less fortunate, where it helps to brighten their outlook and hopefully makes them smile; if only for awhile.

In light of that, it makes me appreciate even greater how truly fortunate I am to have healthy, happy teenagers / young adults in my life. I feel very blessed and thankful, and will try to remember just how grateful I am for their health, their wholeness, the next time they’re aggravating me immensely – instead of stressing over what (to some) would seem like such petty issues in the broader spectrum of life.

So. . . hug your children today! Tell them how much you love them, and how precious they are in your eyes! Let them know they are special. I know I will.

I love my babies - no matter how big they get!


Sogeshirtsguy said...

Words to live by to be sure and I'm sure the kids appreciate your warmth and support.

NyteGoddessBoo said...

I think that is wonderful thing that you are doing. Children are a blessing from God, and a miracle. Here where I live, we do a thing called Santas Elves, where you can sponsor a child for Christmas. The plant I work at donates money as well as each line sponsors 2 children. It is in giving that I receive one of the greatest blessings. My 2 children are grown now but are still and always will be my babies. We should be grateful that we have been chosen the honor of parenthood.

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Tim and NGB - thank you both so much for your lovely comments. You are dear friends!

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

you have beautiful children!