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Rarely will you see me use my blog as any kind of a political forum. The main reason for that is because I feel that during election years we are already so bogged down, as a result of being inundated with the candidacies and political jargon taking place around us for months on end. Because blogging is more of an entertainment source or creative outlet for me (social), I oftentimes choose not to come face-to-face with all the stressors of the "real world" when I'm blogging (like politics). But on occasion, you may catch a glimpse of what my political views are by either a comment I leave on your own blog, or something I re-post here. This is one of those occasions.

– by Hockeydino

Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

Americans apparently are too set in their ways to take the time to discover there is a man who can and would lead us to a better place. It's not the man though, it's the message.

McCain is no conservative. Romney will be one if you want him too. Huckabee will raise your taxes. And with the two socialists on the left, you will get a bigger government and more taxes.

If you believe in freedom, liberty, and prosperity the only route is to have less government, and more money in your pocket. You'll have more money to invest, to spend, to help others. You'll have the freedom to do what you want with your money. You'll have the ability to give more money away if you so choose.

When you support a front runner, you've compromised yourself. Sure if you want higher taxes, want to feel like you are voting for an American Idol candidate, or want things to be the same all with the mask of "change" then vote for the front runners.

Here are 101 reasons to vote for this guy. Of course if you want the opposite of these things, then vote for the other candidates that will continue to take this country in the wrong direction.

Your vote is never wasted if your candidate doesn't win. Your vote counts no matter who wins and it will be heard.

1. He Supports the Constitution. (Wow, Go Figure!)
2. He Believes In Religious Freedom.
3. He Has Never Voted For A Tax Increase.
4. He Is Against Public Funding Of Abortion.
5. He Is Against Funding Abortion Abroad.
6. He Is Against The National I.D. or Real I.D. Act.
7. He Believes In The "Just War Theory".
8. He Supports The Rights Of Private Property Owners.
9. He Wants Us Out Of The U.N.
10. He Wants Us To Trade With Nations And Not War With Them.
11. He Is For 2nd Amendment Rights.
12. He Opposes NAIS.
13. He Wants To Shrink The Federal Government, Not Expand It.
14. He Has No Plans To Start A War With Iran Or Anyone Else.
15. He Wants To Bring Our Troops Home.
16. He Does Not Belong To The CFR (Council On Foreign Relations).
17. He Has Not Received Campaign Contributions From Rupert Murdoch (Like Hillary).
18. His Running Mate Most Likely Will Not Have Shot Anyone In The Face.
19. He Wants To End The I.R.S..
20. He Wants To Cut Spending?? Really, Cut Spending.
21. He Is Against Eminent Domain.
22. He Is Against The NAFTA Superhighway.
23. He Is Against The North American Union Or SPP
(It Exists- Google It).
24. He Is For The Principle Of Sound Money.
25. He Is Against The Idea of The Amero Money System
(Google It).
26. He Is Against The Federal Reserve's Monopoly On Monetary Regulation.
27. He Is Philosophically Opposed To Big Government.
28. He Voted Against The Misnamed Patriot Act That Stripped Us Of Our Rights.
29. He Is For The Bill Of Rights.
30. He Knows The Meaning Of Liberty .
31. He Was 1 Of 4 People That Supported Reagan Early On.
32. He Has Been Married For 50 Years, Which Is An Achievement These Days.
33. He Is Not Married To Hillary.
34. His Supporters Love Him.
35. He Is A Once In A Lifetime Candidate.
36. Because His Record Is Consistent.
37. He Is Against Funding The So-Called War On Drugs
(Another Unsuccessful War).
38. He Is Actually Against Funding Many Unsuccessful Federal Programs.
39. He Does Not Want To Ruin Healthcare By Nationalizing It (Like Hillary, Obama, et al.)
40. He Is A Student Of History.
41. He Votes In Accordance With The Constitution.
42. He Will Not Forcibly Implant Us Or Our Troops With Microchips Or Like Devices
(It's For Your Safety, Of Course).
43. He Is The Only True Conservative, In The Traditional Sense, left.
44. Republicans Love Him Because He Is For Small Government.
45. Democrats Love Him Because He Will End The War For Oil.
46. Libertarians Love Him Because He Wants The Government Out Of Their Business.
47. He Is The Only Electable Republican Candidate.
48. He is Against The Creation Of A Surveillance Society
(See London ).
49. He Supports Home School Rights.
50. He Wants To End The Corporate Welfare System That Is Destroying Our Government's Credibility.
51. He Tells It Like It Is. He Is Truthful.
52. He Reads.
53. As A Doctor, He Is Informed On The Healthcare Issue.
54. He Has Not Been Hannitized.
55. He Has The Courage To Speak Out Against What Is Wrong.
56. He Will Be Good For The Economy
(Freedom Generally Is Good For The Economy).
57. He Wants Us Out Of The WTO And Like Organizations.
58. The I.R.S. Is Scared Of This Guy.
59. He Is Smart Enough To Prefer Gold Over Paper.
60. He Knows The Term FIAT-CURRENCY and knows what it means.
61. He Wants To Secure Our Borders.
62. He Favors Guarding Our Country Over Policing The World.
63. He Opposed The War In Iraq From The Beginning.
64. He Authorized The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden.
65. He Believes Local Governments Are Better Suited To Handle Their Own Issues.
66. He Is Willing To Listen And Reason With Others.
67. He Is A Christian Who Believes Christ Was Right When He Said, "Blessed Are The Peacemakers".
68. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
69. He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
70. He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
71. He has never taken a government-paid junket.
72. He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
73. He voted against regulating the Internet.
74. He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
75. He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.
76. He Is Against Selective Service Registration.
77. He Is Against A Mandatory Draft.
78. He Is Still Not Married To Hillary.
79. He Has The Support Of The Youth.
80. His Campaign Has People Across The Country Motivated.
81. His Supporters Are Enthusiastic.
82. He Is Educated.
83. He Wants To Apply The Golden Rule In Government
(How Radical).
84. He Believes in Freedom Of Speech.
85. He Believes In Individual Rights
86. He Believes Those Rights Come From Our Creator.
87. He Does Not "Move With The Herd".
88. He Has Delivered Over 4,000 Babies And Values Life.
89. He Doesn't Have To "Act The Part" Because He Is What He Is.
90. He Has Not Waffled On The Abortion Issue As Every Other Republican Candidate.
91. He Has Faced Tremendous Opposition With Dignity.
92. He Is Optimistic
93. He Values The Traditions That Have Kept Us Free.
94. He Understands That Monopolies Are Bad Things.
95. He Understands The Difference Between Individual And Government Responsibility.
96. He Understands Inflation Is Not Just The Prices Going Up, But Rather The Value Of Money Going Down.
97. You Will Feel Good About Your Vote For A Change.
98. You Will Know You Have Done The Right Thing.
99. For The First Time In A Long Time, You Will Not Be Voting "For The Least, Worst, or Lesser of 2 Evils".
100. You Will Help Undo The Damage Done To Our Country Over The Last Several Decades.
101. He Is Our Last Hope For A Free Nation.

Long live Amercia - if you want it.

Do you think it is over for Ron Paul?
by Sean Michaels

Do you think it is over for Ron Paul now that Super Tuesday is over? This is an absolute win for Ron Paul. We all always knew that Ron Paul was not going to get enough delegates to steal the nomination. He just needs enough to bring to the convention, which he has. The plan was to make it to a brokered convention, so that the message would get out to all of the republicans. The delegates are in fact uncommitted and many of them may not even know who Ron Paul is.

By having a brokered convention, they will all hear the message, no matter how the media has tried to black him out. The media will have no choice but to show the good doctor and his message as the whole thing will be televised. It will be run by the GOP, not the biased main stream media. This is what we need. Everyone will be watching if there is a brokered convention, Republican and Democrat. Whether the good doctor gets elected or not, the seed of freedom will be planted.

People will start to awaken from their apathy and question the things going on around them. It happened to me, and all it took was hearing Ron Paul speak 1 time. I used to watch Fox News almost exclusively when I was in the Army, and even after I had gotten out. I didn't even notice that the Neocons were hijacking the Republican Party. After hearing Ron Paul speak in length, and agreeing with so much of what he said, I did some more research on him and the Libertarian Party. I realized that I am not only a conservative Republican, I am also a Libertarian. Ronald Reagan once said, "If you analyze it, I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism". This speaks volumes to all those who think that Mitt Romney is a conservative and it is laughable to think that McCain is. Having said that, I think that no matter which way you lean politically, we all have a little libertarian in us. We are all Americans. This country was founded on the platform Ron Paul is running his campaign on.

We have gotten far away from what our founding fathers intended for us. But know this; the message absolutely does not have to "finish fourth, along with the candidate". Not if We the People keep fighting. Even if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, the reason it is about the message is because people die, but the message doesn't have to. It is up to all of us to carry on that message. If you truly believe in the words that Dr Paul speaks about freedom and liberty, then the message can never "finish fourth".

This is called the Ron Paul Revolution. Even if Ron Paul isn't elected, and the status quo continues, then it is still a revolution. I am not saying that people need to arm themselves, but that We the People must rise up and be heard. Let the powers that be know that we will not give up our freedoms anymore. We need to be organized, and that is what this campaign has already started. The meet-ups. The forums. The blogs. The websites. It is already there. This is the framework for our revolution. There are many things we can do to continue the fight.

Don't Give Up!

Stand proudly behind the Freedom Fighter Dr. Ron Paul.

The Mouse that roared: Why Ron Paul won the election
February 6, 2008 by dougwead

Well now, Republicans say, we have a nominee. That may very well be but there was only one clear winner in the confusing GOP nominating contest and it was not John McCain. The winner was Ron Paul. And the effects of his win will be felt for years to come.

Ron Paul made a classic political mistake. He told the truth. In debate after debate he pointed at his party, his president, his fellow contenders for the GOP nomination, shouting aloud like the little boy in the proverbial story, "they have no clothes" and lo and behold, we looked and they didn't. They were all naked.

He showed that the conservative movement has lost its way, its moral authority and its logic. He showed us that we have become a red team versus blue team. That since we have decided that this is a political war and all normal rules are suspended, conservatives can do liberal things to win it. Conservatives can run up big deficits if it helps their side win. They can dole out needless pork if it elects another "conservative" to congress. They can go to war if it makes their president look like a leader and wins him another term.

But in the process, Ron Paul showed us, that we have lost our way. We are no longer conservatives. We are fighting for power not for principles. We have become corrupted by the process and the only way back is to retrace our steps and find all the things we discarded along he way.

Barry Goldwater lighted a similar fire with his Conscience of a Conservative. Its truth and arguments were so obvious and so honest that one laughed aloud while reading it. But Goldwater, himself, was doomed to political defeat. And Ron Paul had no chance to win this election either. One could see that when he first opened his mouth.

And yet, the words and arguments of Ron Paul are still resonating. They still hang over this election. They are haunting and troubling. They are producing blogs and papers and books and like Goldwater's revolution they will one day very likely produce their own Ronald Reagan. And when those heady days happen a small but hearty band of pioneers, who first had the nerve to join him and start shouting from the street, "They aren't wearing any clothes," will be able to say that they could see what the country missed. They were there when history was made.

John McCain and his poorly chosen words, of staying in Iraq a hundred years, have almost guaranteed that he will be the answer to the trivia question, who was the Republican candidate who lost to the ticket that claimed the first woman and black for the presidency? Another question may very well be, "What other candidate ran that year and launched the movement that has dominated national politics for the last generation?"

And the answer will be Ron Paul.


KAK said...

Libertarians: Question- What is wrong with Ralph Nader? I read the libertarian Jargon and come to the realization that they sound like seventeen year olds sitting around a keg of beer talking about Nirvana.


Kimba The White Lioness said...

I haven't paid enough attn to candidate Ralph Nader this election (or last, to be honest). But now that you've reminded me of the Green, I'll have to go back and research his views and see how closely (or not) they line up w/ my own. I vaguely remember a few things from the last election, but my memory has faded in time...old age does that, SEE?! =)