Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, here we are on the brink of Friday again! Thank God! I’m pleased to say that my days and work week typically go rather smoothly; but unfortunately, this week was NOT typical in the least. Work was very busy and at times odd. Let me re-phrase that: Work itself wasn’t odd, but my colleagues were. It seemed that even those who are generally even-keeled were uptight and cranky over simple issues that under normal circumstances wouldn’t faze them or alter their psyche and behavior.

(Are we in a full moon cycle? Is everybody PMS’ing at the same time? Sorry, but I can offer no logical explanation for their insanity; maybe just some Midol - like a WHOLE friggen’ bottle, please!) Yup, that oughta do the trick, I believe.

So tomorrow, I shall go to work armed and ready – a smile on my face, kind words from my lips, and Midol in my hands! I will offer it liberally and generously to all who suffer affliction, in an effort to close out the work week on a brighter note than we functioned the last few days. There will be no freaky Friday!

Great idea!

(Hmm. . . I wonder whether I’m really on to something . . . does Midol have a satisfactory effect on the MALE gender, as well?!?!?! I will consult the PDR upon arrival in the morning!)

I can tell already that work is going to be a happier place tomorrow. Change your world – take a Midol!

TGIF! Wishing you all a WONDERFUL weekend!

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