Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All I Can Do Is Cry!

Coney dogs, soup, tuna salad, meatloaf. . . If you’re like me at all, you love the taste of onions in just about every food dish.

What I DON’T like about onions though is the way my eyes become irritated, burn, and tear from the gaseous natural vapors the onions give off when chopping them up.

Well, cry no more! Some mini genius has actually developed a pair of glasses-like goggles, similar to swimming goggles, with a foam seal around the edges to keep the onion fumes away from your eyes when cutting them up! A local reporter in my area recently conducted a test to see if these things really worked and believe it or not, they DID! The reporter stated that swimming goggles could actually accomplish the same task in keeping the fumes away from your eyes, but the onion goggles are handier because they are easier to just slip on and off your face than swimming goggles would be.

Great idea for around $20!


KAK said...

Girl I think it is us country people who cannot get enough onion,espesially when it is cooked. I will have you know that HickerBilly Boy here is semi talented in the Kitchen. I love onion. I have a small blender the cup is not much bigger than a cup. I find it the easiest way to chop onions, peel the onion cut it in quarters throw it in and push the button.

NyteGoddessBoo said...

Well I see we are among the onion folks here. I enjoy the taste of flavor of onions but actually don't like them. Funny eh. I know that at K-marts they have a lil onion chopper- where you peel the onion and drop in the lil jar and push down on the handle and chop em- guess like Kak said you can use a mini blender to do the same job or even better get someone else to do it for ya hehehe- nothing wrong with that. Thanks for sharing your lil bits of info with us.

BillyWarhol said...

I Love Fried Onions on my BillyBurgers!!

now i'm drooling*******


Nyte said...

Thats kinda cool I might invest in some of those im the cook at home and i use onions quite a bit so ill talk me wife into getting me a pair i might have to peel an onion for the cring effect to get them tho LOL

Paula D. said...

Goodness! That is crazy. That is for a serious onion lover!