Saturday, March 1, 2008

Familiar Fragments (also known as - ADD moments...)

When the sun is shining, I face the world with a very optimistic attitude. Sunshine makes the world a friendlier place to be; everyone around always seems happier.

Fresh Ricotta cheese in lasagna tastes so good. (Sometimes I substitute it with cottage cheese that I have in the refrigerator if I forget to buy the Ricotta, but there really is no comparison between the two in terms of flavor). How do Italians make theirs?

Why do the dogs hate the wild critters so much? Is it a territorial issue for them? Surely, they are smart enough to know that a possum or raccoon poses no threat to their domain (German Shepherds). Or are they?

The arrival of all the spring nursery catalogs has me anticipating the growing season! I can’t wait to dig my hands into the dirt and plant more flowers and veggies. I have been craving fresh grown eggplant, cucumbers, and tomatoes lately. The store-bought ones never seem to be very flavorful during the winter. I didn’t cut back my roses like I should have in the fall. I need to do that very soon, too.

Perfect 4.0 GPA and 3.9 GPA – it doesn’t get any better than that! How did I ever produce such smart kids? God has really blessed me. I hope and pray it continues through high school and college.

What is going on with the Red Wings lately? I’m very discouraged. I can’t watch anymore. I can’t listen, either. Just wake me up when it’s all over and tell me the final outcome, okay?! UGH!

Look, a Robin! Take heart, spring is near. Another desolate winter will soon be past. I need to keep reminding myself of this.

Baseball sign-ups this week! YES! I’m pulling out my hats this week. My son keeps bugging me to go practice throwing and batting with him, but there’s still snow all around. It doesn’t seem like baseball season is just around the corner. . .

I wish my daughter were more responsible with her stuff. She is too old to think that money grows on trees anymore; but she sure acts like it. I hate that. Next time, she’s going to be on her own - to be taught a lesson. I love to help but I won’t be taken advantage of.

If I close my eyes and imagine, I can actually smell the aroma of fresh cut grass and flowers blooming. I want to mow the lawn and bask in the warmth of the sunshine on my face. Smiling.

Do we have a Material Safety Data Sheet for fast drying Liquid Paper? (AKA White-out)

I need to remember to schedule summer vacation time off this week. What will we do this summer? Sometimes I think teaching would be nice, because you can have the whole summer off each year. Michigan summers are too short. Vacations are even shorter. 30 kids five days a week would be difficult.

I like the way the alveoli look hanging from the respiratory bronchioles on the model. They remind me of grapes. They’re pretty.

Will the next president of the United States actually be any different from the current president? Can an administrative change in person actually foster an improvement in society (during their term)? I used to think so. On a smaller scale, I think it’s possible. . . but on a larger scale. . . I’m not so sure anymore, given the condition of the country. I don’t feel very hopeful in view of any of the candidates who appear to be “leading” in the polls. (Hockeydino for president??? Hurry, finish frying your fish, Dino baby)!

Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booty! Shake your booty! Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booty! Shake your booty! Oh shake it, shake it. Shake it, shake it – very well. . . This song makes me want to get up and dance. (It makes me think of RollerKaty, too. I should visit her blog). You go, KC & the Sunshine Band!

Why is the cost of everything going up, but my paychecks are not? If housing in Michigan is decreasing in value on average of 25%, why is our assessment going up (and thus, our taxes)? I have to remember to call the township hall and ask about this.

I don’t like baths. I like showers. Baths are like sitting in dirty, yucky water. How can you get clean that way? There’s body particulate surfacing and floating on top in the water. Eeew - baths are just wrong!

I like the Allegra-D 24-hour. It doesn’t over dry like some OTC drugs do. But it makes my blood pressure go up 10 points systolic. I think I need to get the plain Allegra.

Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me”. That is such a lie. Why did my parents teach me that? Words CAN hurt. Why didn’t they know that? Words are powerful things. Choose them wisely. Use them wisely.

I think I’d like to buy a cow to keep in my pasture. They’re such gentle giants, and I like to sit and watch them being lazy. It seems like they’re always so content just lounging around. . . chewing. They remind me that it’s ok to SLOW DOWN in life from time-to-time and “smell the roses”. I have a horrible habit of running at mach speed routinely in life. They’re very friendly, and have the sweetest-looking expressions on their faces. The farmer’s cows down the road know my car and run (ok, so I’m exaggerating – they actually more like. . . saunter) over to the fence when they see me coming. They think I’m bringing them treats – which, of course, I am! But my husband says they’re lazy, stupid beasts that stink horribly and get fly-infested in the summer and need to be cow-prodded to get moving anywhere when you want them to move! He says he’s NOT getting me a cow because I’ll become too attached to old ‘Bessie’ and never let him kill her to eat! (Well of course not, silly guy! I want the cow as a PET, not food. Don’t you know there are literally pounds of undigested red meat lodged within your 45-year-old male bowels?! “Give me meat- give me potatoes”! You need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean white meat and fish – not cows! I don’t mind the occasional steak on the grill, but not my PET!) Oh well, I trust his judgement. He was raised in the country and worked on farms and ranches in his youth. He knows what he’s talking about; but I still want a cow for my pasture.

Tomorrow I want to go driving to take pictures. I hope it’s sunny outside. Pictures look nicer when the sun is shining, don’t you think?

My daughter is home for spring break. I told her she could help me with spring cleaning – she laughed!


KAK said...

Yikes Kimba you were bouncing around like ricochet Rabbit, I had no Idea what to comment on till you hit the cows. HickerBilly Boy here grew up taking care of cows, we had only two white faced ones that were really what you could call tame. And after their demise some body at the dinner table always had to say "Is this reddie or is this blackie", I'll never forget it......Did you really see a ribbin? Good luck with the cow argument.....Kevin

Battlestar said...

It's early in the morning. It's a cloudy and rainy day. I feel a sweet sadness while looking out. but your post made me feel the spring. I feel better now. Thank you...

Nyte said...

I agree wit kak there dont know what to comment cept i was raised on a farm to lol as far as your daughter goes im not sure if theres a money tree or not but if you happen to find one please send me some seeds lol

NyteGoddessBoo said...

Interesting to say the least. Wow a whole lot of topics going on in a post. The part that stuck out the most was Words Can Hurt. So very true. Perahps people should think before they speak. Yes I know that the saying the truth does hurt but think do you have to comment on things that you know are going to hurt someone or should you keep quiet. So to speak spare hurting their feelings? It should make one think about it. Take care and hope you have a lovely weekend.

grottynosh said...

Hi Kimba,
Yes all parents tell their chidren that 'names will never hurt them' wrong they are. Words are far mightier than the sword and used correctly can have a different effect altogether.
Have a great day
Colin from Life

jollyjo said...

I started reading the post then had to back up...then I saw the title (lol).

"Perfect 4.0 GPA and 3.9 GPA – it doesn’t get any better than that! How did I ever produce such smart kids? God has really blessed me. I hope and pray it continues through high school and college."

Yes, we all hope and pray that our kids will shine brightly...with GPAs like those, a solid foundation must be at the heart...there is no reason why high school and college should be any different.

cooper said...

You are so right about baths, I neer take them unless I shower first and after. I know it's kind of a condition I have.

I have hope for the world but it starts locally and works outward.

-Wendy- said...

hey kimba!! nice reading ur blog today =)

"The arrival of all the spring nursery catalogs has me anticipating the growing season! I can’t wait to dig my hands into the dirt and plant more flowers and veggies... I didn’t cut back my roses like I should have in the fall. I need to do that very soon, too..."

I can feel your enthusiasm here =) Having my own garden with lots of flowering plants is one of my dreams!

Billy Jack said...

Every time I hear someone say they have "an optimistic attitude" I think of the definition of an optimist I heard a very long time ago. Someone has said an optomist is a guy who falls from a 40 story building, and is heard out of a 20th floor window saying, "So far so good!" As a confirmed realistic leaning towad pessimist, I can honestly say I hate the sunshine. Sunshine heats our homes to ungodly temperatures in teh summer and increases our electric bill significantly. Sunshine produces pollen which makes me very sick. Sunshine shines through the windows and castrs a glare on my big screen television. Sunshine gives me a headache if I am talking to someone who is sitting in front of a window with its blinds open. In short--I hate sunshine. Give me an overcast, rainly, cold day anytime. Having said all of that, I hope everyone has a bright and sunshiny day!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Well I never.......


Don't you have some TV to watch or something??!!

(just kidding BJB!)

SoupNumber5 said...

The rambles of life. It's good to get it all out at once.

Also, I am in need of Spring. I think I got seasonal depression and winter is cramping my style.

KAK said...

So Kimba..How are we makin out with the cow argument? :)