Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The good-old-U-S-of-A

I come from a long line of United States Military family members. At one time, I even considered joining, myself. For reasons that are irrelevant to this blog, I never did enlist. Despite that, I was raised in what would be considered your typical middle-class-working American household under the watchful eye and loving hand of an Army dad who later became a restaurant owner/operator, and a part-time grocery store clerk mom who focused the majority of her attention on us three kids while at home, but who also believed in contributing to the family income via working outside of the home in her spare time. Our family was by no means "perfect", and we were far from "rich" monetarily, but through it all there was much love that abounded, and there was an even greater commitment to the bettering of our family lives, home, community, and the country in which we lived. We were taught that as our family was so richly blessed in many ways, it was not only our responsibility and our duty to reach out and bless others in kind - to give back, but our PRIVILEGE to have the OPPORTUNITY and FREEDOM to be able to do so.

A very large part of my upbringing submersed me in not only the concept of Christian morals, values, and beliefs, but also very patriotic ideations. I was taught that the United States of America was the GREATEST country in the world; that she represented GREAT principles that were attained at the loss of many, many lives over the years throughout several wars - all for the sake of MY continued freedom (in one capacity or another), and that of my future children. I was taught the personal values and appreciation for all those who had gone before me, sacrificing their civilian independence for a military lifestyle to insure that this GREAT nation would not only survive, but thrive. Freedom of speech. Freedom to think. Freedom to choose. Freedom how to live. Freedom of religion. More freedoms than any other nation in this world. And they did it all for me... and for you. Today is no different.

So, no matter what your own personal beliefs may be at this very difficult moment in time in our nation - whether you're for the war or against the war in Iraq; whether you're for President Bush or against President Bush; whether you're for foreign policy or against foreign policy; whether you agree or disagree with many issues involving this nation at this present time - I would humbly ask that you would learn to honor and respect all those service men and women who have served over the years (and who continue to serve daily) of their own free will and volition for the sake of this nation's future freedom and liberties. Don't make what all those who have gone before us, for the benefit OF US, to have been done in vain.

You may not agree with what's taking place in the world around you whatsoever, but is it too much to ask - to EXPECT -that you have the maturity and decency to still honor your President, honor your flag, and honor your nation at large, even though you disagree with policy? What has happened to the civil citizens that once this nation had? Do you no longer believe in what this great land stands for? Freedom. Liberty. Justice. For ALL.

In the midst of a troubled nation where it's citizens behavior can oftentimes be viewed as treasonous, I will STILL proudly stand in the midst of you all - alone if need be - as one of the remaining few who proclaim, "I love my country. I love my flag and all that it proudly stands for as it waves in the breeze. I will honor my President, even when I don't agree with him. I will pray for those who serve for my freedom, and that of my children's. I will never give up on finding solutions to our problems through proactive, positive measures. I was born an American, and I will live my life conveying to its fullest all that the word 'American' should mean to the world today: Righteous. Honest. Sincere. Hard working. Compassionate. Free. Proud... until the day I die. This IS the land of the free and the home of the brave. This IS the greatest nation is the world. I vow to do MY part in insuring that what my forefathers gave their lives for will not be lost in either my generation, or the next." America, I salute you!

Yes, you have the right to speak freely about your concerns and disputes over current events and policies - and be very thankful that you do, because if you were in most any other nation in the world, you would NOT! But next time, before you automatically lash out about American issues that you are in disagreement over, maybe it would be a good idea if you think before you speak - because I really don't believe that negativity and destructive attitudes, like pointing the finger at any one person or thing in blame, is conducive to actually SOLVING any of America's problems today. Do you? Stop focusing on just the problems exclusively, and learn to work TOGETHER again for solutions.


Sogeshirtsguy said...

Great post. The people that served and honored our country definitely deserve all the support from the American public and more. It was not their choice to go to war and yet they fight nonetheless. I hope they all have a safe return and that the war ends sooner rather than later though, but i fear that will not be the case.

Kimba The White Lioness said...

The business of war is never an easy thing to endure - for anyone - but especially for those troops and their family members who sacrifice daily. I feel that the least we can do while here at home is not let it all fall apart while in its midst, so that those who have so faithfully served will return home to a nation divided. It's united that we stand tall and strong. Although we will NEVER all agree upon every issue at hand, we will never progress to the place of negotiation amongst ourselves even, if we don't change our mindset to that of cooperation and compromise. Successful agreements can only be reached via that methodology.

KAK said...

Untill about six years ago I agreed with everything you have said. Today I have ZERO respect for the office of the president of the United States of America. The present possessers of that office have used criminal intent, secrecy, lies and pure propoganda, spreading of fear and the out right use of criminal action.

Read Greg Palast's "Admit it: You don't know where the !@#$% Tajikistan is" it is a tale, a tale that is just an example of what this country is doing around this slowly waking up world as to the present reality of these United States of America. America wake up you have only so long to reverse these modern day Fascist trends before it is too late to ever see "The good-old-U-S-of -A" again. The USA that you love Kimba, it is gone it has been kidnapped and held for hostage. Those that shut their eyes and silently avow "my country right or wrong" will be the sealers of our collective fate, please wake up. I want to see and feel the pride of the good old USA, AGAIN for at present it is no more. Robbery has occured...TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY! Kimba my friend I hesitated to respond to this blog, if I hurt your feelings I AM SORRY I DON'T MEAN TO and I hope I am not being insensative but bullshit has to be responded to.

Your friend

Kimba The White Lioness said...

KAK, I disagree with you. I don't believe everything I read in the news. The media is controlled by the liberal lefts. They can paint whatever picture they want you to see, and many are naieve enough to believe them. When I speak of FREEDOM, I don't just speak of Taliban, or other terrorist movements. There are many more views of what freedom stands for than those alone. I don;t think I'm the one who is deceived here, and I can only hope that those like you will one day free their minds by opening up their hearts to TRUTH rather than anger, bitterness, and strife. I'll be praying for you!

grottynosh said...

Hi Kimba,
Now I'm a Brit, so it is not for me to pass any form of judgement on US Policy etc.
Your post is great and drives home some 'home truths' which people need to stop and think about.
I have seen active service and have the highest respect for ALL service personnel involved in conflict in a troubled world.
The so called 'world leaders' need to learn the art of communication. Sadly those in the services become but a number and their bravery is soon forgotten. Yet each, no matter what country they hark from, vow to serve their country and many pay the ultimate sacrifice.
Freedom and Liberty comes at a price, and still the powers that be have not learned how to use common dialogue.
Maybe they should take up blogging, and see how people globally co-exist in the blogosphere, through communication with each other.
I commend you on your stance and words.
Take care and have a great day,
Colin from Life

AAA Copywriter said...

I am Italian but my family is not. I was raised abroad, and at my age of 60, it's hard for me to tell were my home is, although I now live again in Italy.

The net makes me global, I have acquaintances and friends all over the world, including lots of great Americans, many of them of different political or religious beliefs. I have spent a couple of years in the States an loved it, and loved the people I was with.

Sorry to say I don't believe the US are the greatest country in the world, and sorry to say that America has deceived me several time, sometimes for being weak, often for being arrogant, but nevertheless, I love my American friends and love the USA because it's my friends country, as I live all over the Internet.

Yet I perfectly understand the feeling of being patriotic if even I'm not. I wish I was, things woud be much simpler. After all, home is where heart is, isn't it?


Nyte said...

it is your right to belive as you wish kimba and you have every right to your opion but if you read your bible youd find out what jesus really said about goverement and war. Dont let religions and country blind you to gods laws for it was plainly spoken by jesus many years ago that if you were apart of this world meaning any goverment you would not be a part of his world. He also said love your enemy and god said thou shalt not kill and that you could not serve 2 masters you must love the one and hate the other. Yet your goverment says its ok to kill those who do not belive as we do. This nation was built on the blood of innocents the indians we killed drove off their land and took from them the same goverment who lies cheats and steals from its people Not my goverment for i serve one master and one alone.When you give an allegence to a piece of cloth you take your allegence from god who should be your only allegence. He will save your soul not this goverment not this country and no man should ever take his place. Now these are my belives and my opions but truly ask yourself from the bibles standpoint is what you belive coinside with gods belives. Sereve god and praise god or serve man and praise man. See which one will deliver you when this wicked world ends.And remeber Jesus said he who lives by the sword SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD!!!!!! Tc and have a great day.

Nyte said...

Oh and kimba just because we differ in belives it would never alter my friendship with you no matter what i consider you my friend

KAK said...

So Kimba are you saying that TRUTH never angers you , I am angry and therefore blind to the truth??......I have come to realize the truth and yes it not only makes me mad it enrages and sickens me............The truth is not a matter of conservative, not a matter of liberal. The world is not all black and white...It is all the shades of grey reality is GREY. Let the right hold the values of the right to heart and let the left hold the values of the left to heart and they will both be wrong. And I will always call you SWEET KIMBA!

KAK said...

How many people is it OK to kill to satisfy a nations fears???

Kimba The White Lioness said...

I don’t agree that war is always the answer to every solution, just as I don’t believe in the principle of bullying. But I also don’t see scripturally where it is written that people should be bullied, or oppressed at the hands of others, be it terrorists, the US, or any other country (note that I use the word “bullying" rather loosely for lack of a better word and limited response time right now).

On the contrary, I see throughout the Bible (Old Testament especially) just the opposite. God Himself is a “Man of War”. He IS a Warrior God, as He sees fit. . It is one of His many chosen names to be acknowledged by, given by Him. There are many instances in fact in scripture where God assisted not only the Israelites in battles (and they were triumphant ONLY because of His help) but also gentiles, alike. (He is also the God of peace, as He sees fit). I won’t go into detail about all the scriptural references I could give relating to this, because that’s not the crux of my blog.

In staying on topic, I’m trying to point out that no matter whether we support the PERSON in office as President, or not (whomever it may be – nobody said you had to “like” them), the OFFICE ITSELF is what is worthy of honor and respect. Nobody is saying you have to like or agree with all policy. Despite the recent campaigns for those who feel they are “qualified” to be in the position of President of the United States, I see no role models I feel confident could lead this nation in the direction it needs to go to bring about positive change. Why? Because all I see are a bunch of out-of-control hothead fake politicians who really wish to further their own agendas more so than to benefit this nation - None of which have even learned yet that TRUE VICTORY IS VICTORY OVER SELF! Until that realization comes about in life for EVERYONE, the likelihood of the human race bettering itself is slim.

Additionally, regardless of all the aforementioned points of view, there are STILL young men and women who have selflessly given of their time, their lives for the betterment of this land. And I credit them immensely; I credit their families fro enduring - because many people here have never learned the concept of what it means to be appreciative, to be grateful, or to be thankful for anything unless they have something to gain from it. They’re too self-centered and selfish to give, let alone appreciate what was given for them.

In conclusion, I serve no God other than the Almighty – the one true God. Along with that servitude, comes commandments that we are to “render under Caesar what is Caesar’s” whether it is honor, respect, or money. The Bible teaches that all things are to be done decently and in order. Without that, there is chaos. We are to honor and respect government and all those in positions of authority over us. By honoring those who serve, the office of the President, and the Flag flies as a reminder of the principles this nation was founded upon, I believe that I AM following what is scriptural and honoring Good. Because essentially all that I do is unto Him. There’s no false god worship whatsoever in it.

It’s karate night and I gotta fly, but keep’em coming!

KAK said...
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Nyte said...

old testament was done away with when jesus came and gave his life for us read what he has to say not what was done before his time if you wanna live by old testiment then i guess we will all go back to scarificing animals for our sins to the eye for an eye jesus changed ive studied the bible since i was a kid better get out of the old testment and read what jesus commanded us to do yes he said render cesers things to ceser but he also said render gods things unto god and god has seniority ove ceser who accoriding to the bible cesar is satans system of things so yes we have to abide by mans law but if it causes us to break gods law then its wrong like kak said jesus said turn the other cheek not kill those who slap you

NyteGoddessBoo said...

Hello Kimba,
Enjoyed reading your post. I see many different views and opinions here on this topic.

KAK said...

If Biblical is our direction here I must ask, what has happened to "Turn the other cheek". Am I not right that this was the key to the success of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement? The problem with the Bible is it is open to debates on intrepretations, everybody has his intrepretation and all too frequently cherry picks which concepts do or donot apply.

I have no problem with The Golden Rule and logic as my guide to the proper path. Belief will lead some to kill, The Golden Rule will not let me kill. God gave me a mind, I donot have to rely on belief and sort through the varieties of belief. Through the Golden Rule, honesty with myself, and asking myself "What would Christ do?" I can move through life confident that my path is right and just and certainly not worry about who will damn me for it. Belief, ideology nor dogma will cause me to stumble.

Cooper said...

I'm really with kak, and I don't go by news but by what I read in research and what I've ead of history.
I respect themen andwomen who have served for sure, and I abhor the way the governemt has treated some of them upon return. There is a vets home here in my city, and I mean to tell you it is not what one would expect from a country which thinks highly of it servicemen.

I also think that blind patriotism is not very logical, a free country allows it citizens to think and reason. We should try to make a better country. locally, state wide and nationally and be involved and aware of the process but to honor the present administration, to me personally, is morally against my principles. It is not about agreeing. I think working together is something we do poorly, and need to do a whole lot more of, because as a nation we need to be talking to each other in order to face the problems confronting us. I think having the people involved in the process is very important and the division made between us and them - the liberal and the conservatives and so on makes it impossible. It is also something both major political parties feed upon.

I don't believe we will be a nation divided at all. I hope for a nation
in which everyone does their research - in the future.

Colorado Baby Cares said...

ROCK ON KIMBA,, I love your blog.. and I SUPPORT OUR COUNTRY AND MILITARY.. I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN,, and I am proud of you for your wonderful work,, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND THE MILITARY AND OUR LEADERS.. I think we as a people need to pray for our COUNTRY and Leaders. COLORADO BABY CARES

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Ultimately, this blog isn’t about the war. It’s about our nation. Who we are. Where we’ve come from. Where we’re going. Its intention is to open a forum of discussion that will provoke thought, not stir up wrath. It’s about the principles that I was raised under and still believe in. Don’t be swayed to make it more than that. If I don’t answer your questions specifically, it’s because I’m not going to be baited by getting into a discussion on war exclusively, as that isn’t the subject matter of my blog.
In 1776, the forefathers of our nation set upon a course and forged in a direction that would reverberate throughout the world and would ultimately lead the nation to unforseen heights of hope, prosperity, and freedom. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” was a very radical concept for the tapestry of people it would affect, and no one could have dreamed of the impact it would end up having on the world. In the Declaration of Independence, one of this nation's founding documents, one of the most profound ideals was actually set into motion – that “ALL men are created equal”. To truly understand just how radical the introduction of that concept really was, I believe we must have a greater understanding of what the world itself was really like in 1776. The rulers and conquerors of that day were Kings and Queens, and justice and wealth were held in THEIR hands. It was our forefathers who sought to obtain some of that power and distribute it so that MANY who could never have opportunities under that type of ruling would be able to at least hope and dream of finding prosperity and peace through a freedom built upon the principles of God. Although our forefathers set that ideal into motion, it has obviously been immensely more difficult to carry it out and ensure the ideal for “all”.
In fact, it is a profound task that continues to this day. But, because that foundation was in fact laid that would allow for change, it could be built upon to lift this nation higher toward its grand ideal. I do note though that our forefathers cautioned that if we were to lose our “morality and religion”, that foundation would certainly crumble. Thus, I believe, the explanation for the condition of our present day United States.
In every generation there are those brave souls who dare to stand alone to bring about change for the better in our land. One of my favorites is Rosa Parks, and here are quotes of a couple of her own thoughts:
“Our country is the model for every other developing country in the world for achieving justice and equality for its citizens. Our constitution has lasted longer than any other constitution in modern history. We cannot take those blessings for granted. We must share these gifts from God. Whether we are 13 or 83, we must show the world that we are able to correct our mistakes – including homelessness, poor race relations, and violence – and move forward to a better society. I know that we cane. This nation has always overcome the obstacles it has faced”.
“I have learned that in order to bring about changes, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try. Each and every one of us can make a difference”.
So then, even thought our forefathers were great men who did great things, they were also just men. Imperfect. Fallible. Just as today’s leaders are. Ours is a heritage of light and a heritage of darkness. The point is though, that if we don’t learn to come together and resolve our differences constructively, the nation itself is sure to crumble.

P.S. Christ came to FULFILL the law, not to dissolve it. Everything that was written under Old Testament doctrine, according the the NT, is STILL valid. It's just that it's all summed up in LOVE.

Jillian said...

Kimba, this was an absolutely wonderful post.

The men and women serving deserve our respect and support. I couldn't imagine my son or brother or sister or husband being so far away from me and in constant danger. I could not handle that.

I don't think you're displaying "blind Patriotism" at all. It seemed very clear what you were saying: Even if you don't agree, show some respect. People are fighting and dying so we may openly have conversations like this.

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Yes Jillian, EXACTLY! Thank you for comprehending!

And I might add that although many may not agree in theory with my ideals and concept of what America is and what it SHOULD be, that I welcome ALL comments of points of view. I applaud those who are convicted enough to boldly proclaim their thoughts in a public forum and I welcome free speech here. Those who do voice their opinions have my utmost respect.

That's what blogging is all about.

KAK said...

vtiafdtcKimbs I have no disrespect for our American armed forces. I assume you know that but I will cover ass and state that. Our troops serve for many reasons some because it is their familys way, some for financial reasons, some to be able to afford schooling and yes some in blind dilusionary patriotism. And it is a crying shame that they are used as pawns in political games and aspirations of the powerful. Their use as political pawns is not their fault and they do not deserve to be denegrated as such. A similar situation exists with our invasion by the Mexican people. Bush in the interests of cheap labor for the satisfaction of corporate greed has offered up the invitations and the Mexican immigrants are not at fault for taking him up on it. The politically powerful and unfortunately in this age the wording is the corporate backed politically powerful use the common people as pawns and create dissention between our varied groups and these groups do not deserve this manipulation and it's prejudice, condemnation and hate.

The American armed forces have my respect and sympathy.

Before I forget your last comment carries a beautiful elloquence.

Love ya girl

Kimba The White Lioness said...

I believe life is what you make it. We as individuals are today the product of the choices we've made yesterday. The same holds true for this country. Nothing that exists presently is the product of any one person or administration. Once again, you are talking policy - and I'm not.

But thanks for your kind compliment, all the same.

grottynosh said...

Reading the comments it is interesting to see how many have actually misinterpeted the real meaning of the post itself.
It is not about war, hostilty etc. it is about the right to freedom, liberty, speech and much more which is slowly being eroded from people worldwide.
We all serve one God, but we also have the right to live a lif eof freedom and liberty without the constaints that are constantly being slowly tightened.
It is not just about the sacrifice made by service personnel who serve both God and Country, but also about your RIGHTS.
You support your God with your thoughts and prayers, support your country too.
It may not be perfect, where is? But you have the choice to pledge your's your life!
Have a great day all, and remember, Jesus was crucified for His Beliefs. This weekend we remember that too.
Colin from Life

Kimba The White Lioness said...


Footsteps said...

Good dialogue here...
I appreciate and respect the heart of one who does for others, whether it beat in a serviceman or woman, a teacher, or a foster parent.

Every decision holds a price. I appreciate all who have at least taken the time to form an opinion on something so very important. It would be worse to not care at all.

Billy Jack said...

Very inspiring Kimba! And I couldn't agree more! Thanks for sharing this. BVy the way, I sasw no sign of Hasslehoff anywhere on your site (lol)

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

a very patriotic post! hats off to you kimba =) it shows you have a NOBLE heart!

Motherwise said...

YES YES YES to your INTENDED sentiments in the post. You are a lioness - your thoughtful and engaging discourse is proof. God bless us - everyone!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Thanks everybody for the dialogue / participation! You're all GREAT and I appreciate your input sincerely.