Friday, March 7, 2008

Collage-style Art

I find collage-style artforms very interesting to view. I enjoy the busy-ness of the art, the color variations, subjects, textures, depths, and framings. I oftentimes find myself thinking, "Is there a moral to this picture? What is the message the artist is trying to convey?" while viewing it. "Do I agree with the artist's perspective? Have they utilized good skill in arranging the collage?" , etc. I believe it's a rather unique form of creativity that captures my attention in a dramatic way.

Below I've posted a few variations that I find quite good. Please feel free to leave me your comments as to whether or not you like them. If so / if not, why / why not?


KAK said...

Hmm uh huh yep yep dib dib dib Hmm!

-Wendy- said...

This makes me think about a really sad child who is about to loose his innocence. Omigosh, I don’t think that’s good.

Nyte said...

to me it looks like a rip from 1 dimension to another but hey im not all here

SoupNumber5 said...

This one has a retro robot. And I like reto robots. I want a retro robot tattoo.

Kimba The White Lioness said...

I'm with Wendy on this one. There's something very "unsettling" about it's portrayal. It stirs up conflict within - which means it's very good, because I believe that's exactly what the designer anticipated - to invoke contrasting emotions at the same time upon viewing.

Nyte - the "rip" from one dimension to another is probably a very accurate analogy of the design. I think the designer wanted us to be warped through a continuum of time and experiences when viewing the fragments the pics evoke emotionally.

SN5 - I think you shold GET a Retro Robot Tatto - DO IT! He will cheer you up during your long, depressive winter months in... uh... GEORGIA! He will make you smile!


Sheesh, I only dream of long winter months in a warmer climate... when I retire, for sure!

Footsteps said...

Intriguing. I like the flowing through what is static, the varied acuity of the reflections, and images within images.
I am admittedly a resolute optimist, but I like to see this collage as a carrying forward of essential pieces...the elements we will keep for our lifetimes.

MOON said...

Hmm.Perhaps the artist
is trying to say that..
our environment is being destroyed because of some people who abuse it.They're like robots.Brainless.
Incapable of thinking.Perhaps they just don't care!How stupid.

Those are drivers of smoke-belching vehicles.Illegal loggers, some refrigerator manufacturers,(because some fridge have a harmful substance which thins the ozone layer)Fastfood chains that make use of STYROFOAMS.Makers of soap, yes again styrofoams (anything non biodegradable) and cleaning materials which are harmful to nature.

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Moon, love the way you phrase things! And think! You are so passionate with your choice of wording!