Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Plaaaay Ball!"

"Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet..."

"Take me out to the ballgame..."

Outside of hockey, baseball is my most favorite sport. It's definitely my favorite summer sport, both to watch as well as play. My youngest son is a HUGE baseball fan, and a decent player, too. It's a sure sign of Spring in Michigan when the professional baseball season begins.

Today is Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers, and I'm a huge fan of theirs. I only wish I had tickets to the game, so I could head down to the city to beautiful Comerica Park to support "my guys" with all the other rowdy fans instead of going to work. It's great to watch the game on TV, or listen on radio (something my dad and I always did when I was a kid and we couldn't get down to the old Tiger Stadium to see a game) but nothing, NOTHING compares with being there in person, part of the energy of another Opening Day in Detroit!

The weather forecast is a bit "iffy" in regards to off and on rain showers, but nobody will care (it's better than snow) come 1 p.m. when the first pitch is thrown.

Hottie Justin Verlander will be on the mound pitching to start the season off for the Tigers. It looks to be a promising season - hear them roaaar!

Let's Go Tigers!


KAK said...

Well Kimba The Tigers has always been my moms favorite team, so I lean in their direction also.

SoupNumber5 said...

I played little league once. It was a lot of fun. I had 1 inside the park home run. I was also on the only team that had two girls. One of them I thought I was cute. We ended in second to last spot though.

Jollyjo said...

Love Baseball...go Cubs!!!

Funny you mentioned hockey. Watched my first full live game recently and never had so much fun...

It wasn't even the top league but it was great!

Footsteps said...

My dad was a huge Tigers fan (and U of M law school grad). I remember Tiger games on his car radio; fun memories!

Nyte said...

i was always good at baseball never watch sports but when i was younger i like to play but i got older and aquired some injuries so playing now is out of the question

NyteGoddessBoo said...

I never was a big fan of baseball or any sport to be honest. When I was younger I did play softball tho. I have worked the concession stands for the kids playing. It was fun to watch them.

EuroYank said...

Love those hot dogs and of course the Chicago Cubs! Check out the new updated EuroYank that talks about the weather.

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

wow I could really sense your passion for baseball in this post! i see a lot of baseball games on tv and what really amazes me is how people are so hyped up during those games. kinda reminds me of a praise and worship concert hahaha. w/c reminds me hillsong united is coming here on may. hope i could go!

Jillian said...

I'm you meant, "Go Angels".

It's cool, I forgive you. :-P

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Sheesh, I'm so disappointed in my Tigers first two losses! Wake up boys! We're in the regular season, now! Spring training is OVER! That's no way to make it to the World Series!

Anyway, thanks for all your comments. I'm sorry I haven't been online much lately to read/write. I miss you all. I promise to be here on rainy days bothering everyone!

The weather here has been great and as always this time of year, I get tremendously busy! I am an assistant track coach for girls in junior high, support my youngest son with his little league baseball games by driving / watching, train in karate once a week myself, work full-time, have a husband needing attention and household to run, and I actually sing in a local band during the school year - but I'm stepping down for a bit because of time constraints, plus we're now into the regular major league baseball season and about to enter post season hockey - GO WINGS! - enough said? At least they're all family events integrated into my life, so there's no sacrifice there!

KAK - you have a smart mom!

SN5 - did you get the girl?? Then it was worth the loss, right?! =P

Adrian - The Cubs rock, too! And believe me, you've never SEEN hockey until you've been to Joe Louis Arena in person and watched the Red Wings slaughter'em in post season play! GO WINGS! Drop by some time - you're not far from there. You won't be sorry!

Heather - I didn't know you were from here?~ That's so cool! You probably remember Ernie Harwell then on the radio broadcasting the Tigers old games, too, right?! And U of M is awesome! My youngest daughter plans to do her undergrad studies there, as well as School of Medicine.

Nyte - you really never watch?! OMG! I would go crazy without my sports! Hockey and baseball especially. In reality, people are better off not sitting around me at home games for the Red Wings (unless they're just as rowdy) because I am LOUD and obnoxious! And I used to be a cheerleader, so I can project my voice quite well!

NGB - you are just so SWEET! What more can I say?!

Euro- inside here?! WOW! I'm impressed! And you like hot dogs, too?! And the Cubs?! You're not so bad after all, are ya?! (wink)

Wendy - Hillsong is AWESOME! I hope you get to see them personally, too! I told you my friend Becca trained with them for two years in Austrailia! she came back the greatest singer / leader afterwards!

Jillian- Go Angels?! You mean the heavenly beings of course, right?! (winky-wink) =P