Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look deeply into my...cyclops??

Some of y’all out there crack me up! I really mean it! A true laughing-out-loud eruption that bursts forth from the belly (including snorts, tearing eyes, and even gasps at times)!!!

I love reading through the variety of blogs in the blogosphere. There’s the serious ones, the humorous ones, the inspiring ones, the angry ones, the sad ones, the informational ones, and on-and-on everywhere in-between. I love being captivated by everyone’s creativity (and if I didn’t have to work for a living, I’d spend hours each day just perusing blogs for curiosity sake! Yes, my backside would get big and wide, but I’d at least be entertained, ok?!). Even better though is the concept of the social aspect that Blog Log has, linking the blogs together so I can get to “know” the creators of the masterpieces, as well, and not just the material produced. Awesome!

“Variety adds spice to life”, isn’t that how the old saying goes?!

I suppose the same is true for me, too (that I’m spicy? Yep, at times) But I’m referring to aspects of my personality at the moment – being varied. No, I’m not saying I’m plagued with a multiple personality disorder that you might encounter depending upon the time of day you visit me; nothing THAT interesting, I’m afraid! Just that there are many parts to the “whole” of me. Yes, I know my blogs are generally very serious and compassionate – partly because that’s the mood I’m in when I finally sit down to write something, and partially because that is a large part of who I am - I’m “sweetness”! (LOL)

But believe it or not, there’s also a rather sassy side to Kimba, too, that you’re yet to experience. It’s inevitable that she shall show forth her witty head eventually. Yep, at times I’m quite sarcastic, other times intellectual, or sympathetic. There are times still when I’m funny, wacky, and extremely goofy. Other times, on rare occasions, I even become quite corrupt with my thought processes and would guarantee to make you blush! (oh, I will - just ask my hunky husband!) I do try to reserve those moments for the not-so-faint-at-heart though.

For example, I am totally shocked to hear that some of you think I am so sensitive and easily offended! Yes, I’m a kind, loving, sincere person, but I’m really not as thin-skinned as you seem to think - I assure you. I have after all been around for 42 wonderful years (and have the saggy, floppy boobs to prove it - NOT!); indeed, I have seen and heard many-a-thing in my long and lanky days! It’s true! Just look deep into my cyclops and you’ll see that I do not tell a lie!

(Ok, Ok. . . so there were a couple “inside” jokes thrown in there specifically for ‘you-know-who’s’.)

Apart from that, I really think you’re all pretty great out there, and I enjoy reading your “stuff”! Keep up the interesting reads! Drop in on me once in awhile and say “hello”. I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, by the way, I decided I’d actually go ahead and break my own rule and post my pic in this blog for the curious-minded that have asked. . . yep. . . why not?! Love to y’all!

Not bad, huh?! =P


-Wendy- said...

lol luv ya kimba!!

SoupNumber5 said...

I was always curious how you looked. Now I know. I'm flattered I've been in contact with Miss Sweet Home Alabama herself!

KAK said...

Jees Kimba a regular stunning beauty, and I always wondered if the Beautiful eye might be your only stunning feature(except personality of course).
Well Kimba you will remain sweet Kimba to me. Now sweet kimba about that art award, does that mean you are a tallented artist? I have a work of art envisioned in my head and not the talent to put it to paper. If you get bored and would like to surprise me and work it up I'll love you forever.
I would like to see George Bushes head as a bowling ball, two fingers in the eye sockets and the thumb latched on the nose(get the picture?)

It makes my day to know that you have two eyes, and a beautiful smile girl. Remember guys this lovely girl is married and happy and good for her! :+)

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Aww...Luv ya too Wendy, you're a sweetie!

Mike- you commented! Yay you!

Kevin, I'm really not artistic at all. Except for musically and sometimes w/ the written word. More like when a "creative" spell hits me. I have to be inspired to create... then it flows naturally. If I'm not, it's just a big "blank" emptiness; words, that is - whether it's music or writing. Make sense??

theMOON said...

I must have one!Chopping onions really hurts my eyes..But I hope there would be a MAGIC EYEGLASSES that would hinder my eyes from weeping because of agony.Uhm perhaps I just need someone like you..coz you lighten me up!I hope you visit my site and give more enlightenment.

Nyte said...

im with you kim on the many different blogs and i do spend most of my mornings reading them it takes some time to run thru all the different blogs and to comment on them but for me its worth the time i get to laugh i get to cry sometimes and some i offer my advice (but becarefull taking advice from me im a bit insane)some i just wonder if those people have totally lost it.But all in all it is fun. And yes i read yours to just takes me awhile to make my rounds.